The importance of handwashing

We like this gross but highly visual reminder of why it’s important to wash your hands properly


A primary school teacher used this effective experiment to teach her class about germs and how they spread:

  • She put bread slice no.1 into bag no.1 with a gloved hand and labelled it ‘contolled’.
  • Bread slice no.2 was placed into bag no.2 with freshly washed hands and labelled ‘clean hands’.
  • Last but not least, bread slice no.3 was passed around the class, every child touching it with their (unwashed) hands, and then placed in bag no.3 and labelled ‘dirty hands’.

The picture of the results speaks for itself!

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2 thoughts on “The importance of handwashing”

  1. Wow, I never knew unwashed-but-clean-looking hands carried so much bacteria! Yuck.
    Maybe a post on best-practice handwashing methods would be helpful? Thanks.

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