Cleaning tips – removing stubborn stains

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We’re quite impressed with these innocuous-looking little white sponges-  they really pack a punch when you’ve got a problematic stain to shift.

Just use lightly damp – wipe or scrub and hey presto, your stain is gone!

Ideal for:

  • rubber marks on polished floors
  • tea/coffee stains on mugs
  • kick marks on painted skirtings
  • scuffs marks on lino
  • tarnished cookware
  • crayon scribbles
  • dirty whiteboards
  • fingerprints on walls
  • pen-marked table tops
  • stained washroom basins
  • algae on glass
  • permanent marker on washroom partitions
  • getting into small nooks and crannies
  • …the list goes on! As you can see, these are a versatile piece of kit. Let us know what you’ve achieved with your Erase-Away sponge!

erase-all  eraseall.  eraseall

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