The all new proBrush power scrubber!

proBrush power brush

We love the proBrush power brush because it helps reduce time spent on site and improve standard of cleanliness achieved. Win-Win!

This new waterproof cordless scrubbing tool is ideal for getting right into those hard to reach areas, and shifting stubborn stains quickly and easily. The applications are endless, but already we’ve been found using it on:

  • the little gap round behind toilets
  • corners of washroom floors
  • scale deposits round taps and fittings
  • polishing mirrors, windows and glass screens
  • buffing fingerprints off stainless steel
  • stripping woodwork
  • spot stain removal on carpets
  • mildewy washroom grout joints

We’d love to hear what you’re using your power brush for – let us know using the comments box below, and you might be in for a free gift!

Watch this short video to see the power brush in action:

Buy your very own power brush here


proBrush power brush

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