Prepare for the snow… Miracle Ice Melt

We all know how beautiful the snow can look – that pure carpet of freshly fallen whiteness. But we also know that behind that beauty lies some dangers – cars skidding, people slipping, damage to persons and property… Why not safeguard against the risks? Miracle Ice Melt can be used as a preventative measure when snow or frost is forecast as well as a fast method of clearing snow and ice once it’s settled.

Here’s why we think Ice Melt is better than Rock Salt:

  • Ice Melt is effective at temperatures as low as -15c (rock salt only works down to -5).
  • Ice Melt doesn’t attack concrete or vegetation and doesn’t rust metal. This makes it ideal for steel and concrete buildings, multi storey car parks and any hard surface that drains into vegetation.
  • Less grams of Ice Melt are needed to clear each square metre than Rock Salt.

What’s more, throughout January 2016 we’re giving away a free Professional Snow Shovel with every order for 2 or more bags of Ice Melt!

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