A Clean Office – is it really necessary or just an additional cost?

Clean Office

So, does it really affect your staff whether or not your office is cleaned?

Yes! You might be surprised just how much productivity can be improved by ensuring your premises are always looking their best.

  • Mess & dirt distracts – staff admit to getting bugged by, talking and complaining about, and spending time cleaning up dirty office spaces. Distraction might take a few minutes out of their working day, talking and complaining is another few minutes multiplied by the number of other staff talked to / distracted, and getting on and cleaning up the mess might take an hour of their prime time! If they’re not paid to be a cleaner, they shouldn’t be doing the cleaning…
  • Dust reduces productivity – A work study found a performance loss of between 2-6% comparing staff in a dusty environment with staff in a clean environment. Dust can have health and comfort implications such as dry & itchy eyes & throat, watery eyes, lethargy, tight breathing, headaches… all of which stop your staff getting on with their work.
  • Desks harbour germs – hands carry germs, lots of them. Keyboards, mice, desks, door handles, anything you touch harbours those germs – yours and that the previous people who touched it. It’s nice to give and share, but not germs please and thanks – tends to end up with people getting ill and having time off and everyone else having to work harder, or find cover staff, or (perish the thought) the work not get done… which doesn’t equal happy customers. Simple solution: get the office cleaned.
  • First impressions count – Prospective client come to visit? New supply partner in for negotiations? Job applicants for a day of interviews? If you want to get the best of them,  you’ll have to give them the best. Clean & Tidy goes a long way to showing you’ll look after them, even the small details.
  • Food goes off – and gone off food goes smelly, and smelly offices get the staff complaining, the visitors backing away… Uh oh. Let’s get the bins emptied and floors vacuumed and then we don’t need to worry about the apple cores in the bin and cookie crumbs under the desk.

Come on in, our office is lovely!

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