What can finance & HR teach the cleaning industry?

We picked up some highly relevant takeaways at the BICScRoadshow2016 – Thanks KPMG for hosting such a great event!

Two of the presentations were from support suppliers rather than the cleaning industry itself (KPMG on accounting and Citation on HR) – Both were practical and will help cleaning businesses manage these essential aspects of their operations effectively, and that means profitably. There was a clear message in both these presentations – a proactive support partner can save a business time, money and add value too.ProAct smallThis resonated for me – At Foremost we benefit from the proactive support offered by our accounting and HR providers. But does this only apply to finance and HR? Are there other areas of business where a proactive supplier can make the Business of ‘Clean’ easier? Yes, Of course!

Your core purchases are cleaning materials and consumables – can the same benefits of proactive supply apply here? Yes! What’s on your wishlist? It’s no longer a daydream, a proactive supplier will give you all this and more:

  • Distribution of orders direct to sites
  • prolinkIncognito deliveries to protect your brand
  • Quicker, leaner processes for ordering
  • Fast, accurate delivery
  • Budget and hazard controls
  • Site-by-site reporting and analysis
  • H&S and COSHH support and training
  • Tools to assist with consumables re-charging
  • Support with tendering and winning new jobs

To find out about proactive support for your supply of cleaning materials, drop a line to sales@foremost-uk.com or call us on 01243 771340.


The importance of handwashing

We like this gross but highly visual reminder of why it’s important to wash your hands properly


A primary school teacher used this effective experiment to teach her class about germs and how they spread:

  • She put bread slice no.1 into bag no.1 with a gloved hand and labelled it ‘contolled’.
  • Bread slice no.2 was placed into bag no.2 with freshly washed hands and labelled ‘clean hands’.
  • Last but not least, bread slice no.3 was passed around the class, every child touching it with their (unwashed) hands, and then placed in bag no.3 and labelled ‘dirty hands’.

The picture of the results speaks for itself!

Scrub up on your hand hygiene here:

Alcohol hand sanitisers

Trust S alcohol hand sanitising gel

Pump bottle handwash

Flower Shop Antibacterial lotion soap

Bulk refill handwash

Pink Pearl lotion soap

Cartridge refill handwash systems

PURELL ADX-12 Dispenser 1200ml - White/White - manual

The all new proBrush power scrubber!

proBrush power brush

We love the proBrush power brush because it helps reduce time spent on site and improve standard of cleanliness achieved. Win-Win!

This new waterproof cordless scrubbing tool is ideal for getting right into those hard to reach areas, and shifting stubborn stains quickly and easily. The applications are endless, but already we’ve been found using it on:

  • the little gap round behind toilets
  • corners of washroom floors
  • scale deposits round taps and fittings
  • polishing mirrors, windows and glass screens
  • buffing fingerprints off stainless steel
  • stripping woodwork
  • spot stain removal on carpets
  • mildewy washroom grout joints

We’d love to hear what you’re using your power brush for – let us know using the comments box below, and you might be in for a free gift!

Watch this short video to see the power brush in action:

Buy your very own power brush here


proBrush power brush