Sack sizes demystified!

I’m willing to wager that not many of us actually know what ’18-by-29-by-39′ really stands for even though the basic black sack is something that most of us have some contact with on an almost daily basis!

The following infographic keeps it nice and simple to demystify what those numbers mean.


So there we are, not so difficult after all! Now you know how and why sacks are named, you’re well placed to review the sacks you’re using and decide if they’re overspec for the job. Give us a call on 01243 771340 to discuss the options.

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Chemical labels explained

The deluge of technical information we encounter in the Cleaning Industry can be a bit daunting, so we love this fun and simple explanation of the elements on chemical labels.

This will help you make sense of the blurb you find on every bottle, and use the information to:

  • keep yourself safe
  • keep others safe
  • protect clients’ property
  • get the job done fast & well


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How to build a winning team

Two weeks on from the Olympics, we’re reflecting on those amazing successes – well done Team GB! Like success in business, there’s been a mountainous background of preparation, hard work and support.


2016 has seen plenty of surprise results – and not only in sport! What’s the common factor? Teamwork! So how do YOU build a winning team?

Here’s a few suggestions –
1. Identify your own team goal
2. Build your team
3. Assign roles and tasks
4. Measure progress
5. Team accountability
6. Celebrate the small wins along the way – and the big successes when they come
7. Call Foremost. Yes, you knew all the above already, but you’ve never really had enough time to put it into practise. Too much time chasing around – errors to correct… duplication due to slow service… short deliveries… dealing with client problems… Our proAct contractor support will release your time for important, creative action – and give you a winning advantage over the competition. Call us today.

And best of all… As price increases continue to land in your inbox, ask about our post-Brexit price pledge.

Don’t drown!

Testimonial received 5 minutes ago from a ‘rushed-off-my-feet’ customer. Who realised we were in the business of saving lives as well as supplying cleaning products?

Customer: Please help, I’ve got another new site needing a large and urgent order…

Foremost: That’s good news! You’re starting loads of new sites at the moment.

Customer: Yeah, why does it happen when I’m on my own in the office, with a temp as well?

Foremost: With only Foremost to support you…

Customer: You know, Without Foremost, I’d have drowned!

Feel the need of a lifesaver? We’ll throw you a line!

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Forward March!


On 20th August, we’re donning our walking boots and stepping out for Charity.

Watch this brief video to meet some of the children we are helping to bring World Class education to.

Please support us, every small amount helps spur us on to complete our walk – we’re gunning for 8 miles in 2 hours… that’s a pretty brisk walk!

Thankyou! From the Team at Foremost.