Don’t drown!

Testimonial received 5 minutes ago from a ‘rushed-off-my-feet’ customer. Who realised we were in the business of saving lives as well as supplying cleaning products?

Customer: Please help, I’ve got another new site needing a large and urgent order…

Foremost: That’s good news! You’re starting loads of new sites at the moment.

Customer: Yeah, why does it happen when I’m on my own in the office, with a temp as well?

Foremost: With only Foremost to support you…

Customer: You know, Without Foremost, I’d have drowned!

Feel the need of a lifesaver? We’ll throw you a line!

We’re at 01243 771340

Forward March!


On 20th August, we’re donning our walking boots and stepping out for Charity.

Watch this brief video to meet some of the children we are helping to bring World Class education to.

Please support us, every small amount helps spur us on to complete our walk – we’re gunning for 8 miles in 2 hours… that’s a pretty brisk walk!

Thankyou! From the Team at Foremost.

Goodbye Malcolm!

Congratulations Malcolm, on your second retirement!

Many of you know Malcolm as your smiley and helpful delivery driver, and will be sad to learn that he’s retired, following his 65th birthday last week.

Malcolm joined the Foremost team 8 years ago, soon after retiring from the Fire Service. We’ve enjoyed working together, he’s been a star, and his retirement is very well-deserved.

To thank him, we had a very special cake made… and what better theme than Malcolm the Fire Engine?