The importance of handwashing

We like this gross but highly visual reminder of why it’s important to wash your hands properly


A primary school teacher used this effective experiment to teach her class about germs and how they spread:

  • She put bread slice no.1 into bag no.1 with a gloved hand and labelled it ‘contolled’.
  • Bread slice no.2 was placed into bag no.2 with freshly washed hands and labelled ‘clean hands’.
  • Last but not least, bread slice no.3 was passed around the class, every child touching it with their (unwashed) hands, and then placed in bag no.3 and labelled ‘dirty hands’.

The picture of the results speaks for itself!

Scrub up on your hand hygiene here:

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Cleaning tips – Keeping your office clean and tidy

Following our blog on why it’s important to keep your office clean and tidy, here’s some practical tips for keeping on top of it day-to-day and in between cleaner visits.

  • Keep spare bin liners in the bottom of your bins, outside the bag. You can quickly whip the old one and slip a new one in when it gets a bit close to full.
  • Keep spray & wipe, absorbent paper roll, tubs of office wipes and other basic equipment in an easy-access office cupboard or desk drawer for quickly mopping up spills and sanitising your keyboard and phone.
  • Avoid eating at your desk (if you currently do eat at your desk, please tip your keyboard upside down and give it a shake – you might be shocked!). As well as crumbs-in-the-keyboard it makes your mouse, phone, handles, pens and anything else you touch greasy and contributes to bad smells.
  • Keep clutter down – it’s a lot easier to clean a tidy area than one piled high. Chances are if your cleaner is having to navigate piles of papers and boxes that only the clear areas of your desk and floor will get attended to.
  • Make employees responsible to keep their own area tidy.
  • Open the windows when weather conditions and noise levels permit – maybe an hour in the early morning, or whenever works for you. The fresh air will blow cobwebs and bad smells away (or at least help combat them!) and that oxygen boost will help your staff perform better during the day.

Got a cleaning tip you want to share? Let us know:

A Clean Office – is it really necessary or just an additional cost?

Clean Office

So, does it really affect your staff whether or not your office is cleaned?

Yes! You might be surprised just how much productivity can be improved by ensuring your premises are always looking their best.

  • Mess & dirt distracts – staff admit to getting bugged by, talking and complaining about, and spending time cleaning up dirty office spaces. Distraction might take a few minutes out of their working day, talking and complaining is another few minutes multiplied by the number of other staff talked to / distracted, and getting on and cleaning up the mess might take an hour of their prime time! If they’re not paid to be a cleaner, they shouldn’t be doing the cleaning…
  • Dust reduces productivity – A work study found a performance loss of between 2-6% comparing staff in a dusty environment with staff in a clean environment. Dust can have health and comfort implications such as dry & itchy eyes & throat, watery eyes, lethargy, tight breathing, headaches… all of which stop your staff getting on with their work.
  • Desks harbour germs – hands carry germs, lots of them. Keyboards, mice, desks, door handles, anything you touch harbours those germs – yours and that the previous people who touched it. It’s nice to give and share, but not germs please and thanks – tends to end up with people getting ill and having time off and everyone else having to work harder, or find cover staff, or (perish the thought) the work not get done… which doesn’t equal happy customers. Simple solution: get the office cleaned.
  • First impressions count – Prospective client come to visit? New supply partner in for negotiations? Job applicants for a day of interviews? If you want to get the best of them,  you’ll have to give them the best. Clean & Tidy goes a long way to showing you’ll look after them, even the small details.
  • Food goes off – and gone off food goes smelly, and smelly offices get the staff complaining, the visitors backing away… Uh oh. Let’s get the bins emptied and floors vacuumed and then we don’t need to worry about the apple cores in the bin and cookie crumbs under the desk.

Come on in, our office is lovely!