Cleaning tips – removing stubborn stains

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We’re quite impressed with these innocuous-looking little white sponges-  they really pack a punch when you’ve got a problematic stain to shift.

Just use lightly damp – wipe or scrub and hey presto, your stain is gone!

Ideal for:

  • rubber marks on polished floors
  • tea/coffee stains on mugs
  • kick marks on painted skirtings
  • scuffs marks on lino
  • tarnished cookware
  • crayon scribbles
  • dirty whiteboards
  • fingerprints on walls
  • pen-marked table tops
  • stained washroom basins
  • algae on glass
  • permanent marker on washroom partitions
  • getting into small nooks and crannies
  • …the list goes on! As you can see, these are a versatile piece of kit. Let us know what you’ve achieved with your Erase-Away sponge!

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Cleaning tips – What’s the best drain unblocker?

The first point to ascertain is whether you’re unblocking a kitchen drain or a washroom drain.

Kitchen drains – blockage is likely to be caused by fat, trapped food, grease etc.

Formula 50 heavy duty caustic oven & drain cleaner

Use Formula 50 to clear the blockage fast! Be careful though, it’s caustic – so wear gloves and face protection, be sure not to use it on aluminium or galvanised metal surfaces, and always rinse thoroughly.


Washroom drains – blockage is likely to be caused by scale,  body fat, hair, tissues, etc.

One Shot Drain Cleaner

Use Torpedo to dissolve residues quickly, and get your washroom functional again in no time! Use the little funnel provided to guide the chemical into the drain and ensure that washroom surfaces don’t get damaged. Always wear your gloves and goggles, and rinse after use.


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Cleaning tips – Why you should never leave toilet cleaner in the toilet

It’s common perception that leaving toilet cleaner in the toilet bowl helps the washroom look and smell ‘just cleaned’, but best practice says don’t!

  • the acid may start to discolour the toilet bowl if left in contact for too long – we recommend leaving it no longer than 15 minutes before brushing & flushing.
  • the action of ‘brush & flush’ helps release perfumes in the toilet cleaner, which remove the bad odours and create a fresh clean smell.
  • the risk of splashback is a health hazard!

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